My Experience, My Honest Experience, no exaggeration...

I have always been a faithful man.  In this state I had some episodes that were very profound to my faith.  Someone might conclude that I dreamed something, but, it wasn't a dream, it was quite real.  I was in a world or place that is just outside of this one.  I would walk or at least try to in this world but the pain would catch me.  I don't mean a little pain I mean a lot.  So significant I can't even describe it.  I would crumble and could do nothing, in some cases not even breathe.  At these times I prayed for help.  In this world there was no voice, just thought.  With thought I would ask God to help me, I knew I was dying.  After some time, I would hear a voice saying “follow me”.  This man would be over the top of me with his hand out.  I would touch his hand with mine and I would be restored to life.  This happened many times, about the third time I wanted to make eye contact with the man over me, see him and I did.  I realized immediately it was Jesus Christ.  I was stunned by his touch, which worked immediately.  I could feel him inside of me, he knew everything about me.  I could feel his massive Love for me.  I could feel and see the Grace in his eyes.  It was a profound experience.  He had no flaws of any kind, he was a beautiful man.  Everything about him was “perfect”.  There was no need to talk, he knew it all.  If I thought it, he knew it.  His eyes were marvelous, his hands were amazing, perfect.  At a touch he gave you life and he knew everything about you, since your birth.  His Love was profound and you could feel it the whole time.  He didn't need to convince you of anything, you knew it, inside, without question.  After about 5 or 6 times I wondered how much I could endure, this was an extremely painful, so severe it was beyond description.

On one occasion Jesus took me someplace where I saw a huge man of light, ten stories tall.  I knew it wasn't God but I wondered what they needed the man of light for.  Then I felt him, God , and I knew he was there.  His love was so significant, you felt it, I can't even describe it verbally.  I was so taken I didn't want to move one inch, for fear that I would mess it up.  When I say move, I mean forever, I wanted to stay right there till the end of time.   God's love was massively significant, I have never felt such a huge amount.  At some point Jesus took me back to the place I started.

I decided I would pray to stay, give up my life, remember my brain is damaged and I don't have life memories at that time.  I prayed, Jesus, just take me, I am not sure I can keep on doing this.  A couple more times I would crumble with pain and Jesus would always say “follow me”, and I would live.  I was confused by this, did he not get my prayer to go with him permanently.  The next time I crumbled and he helped me I asked him, “why haven't you taken me”.   His response was “not today”.  It took a little figuring it out but “not today” meant not in this incident, I was destined to live !!! and I knew it at that time.

There was about a dozen crumbling from pain episodes and Jesus helping me saying “follow me”.  But, now it was over. I was a blessed man.  A man who would live !!! with direct knowledge of God's love and a very special relationship with my Master and Lord Jesus Christ.