When I was DEAD Jesus Christ took me to a place, I wasn't sure what it was. I thought could this be to see GOD, I didn't know and I wasn't sure GOD was there. I never saw him. But then I felt him, inside of me, he was there. I don't know how to explain this part with words but you feel his love on a massive scale. I don't mean kind of, when you feel pain, real pain is it kind of. No it's not. You will FEEL love inside you from your heart I guess. It is overwhelming and you will FEEL it, you won't have to read between the lines. To this day I can admit I never thought there could be love on that level, it was massive and way beyond my level of understanding.

So, what did I do. Nothing, I thought if I moved maybe I would screw it up. I just wanted to stay right there till the end of time, literally. So I didn't move. At some point Jesus said I should come with him and he took me back to where I started.

The episode puzzled me and I tried to figure out how to make someone feel my love, the way GOD did. After much contemplation I concluded it can't be done. God created love and he can do anything. I am just a human and I can't.

It changed my life. I never realized God's and Jesus Christ's love us on that level. It is a level that can't be explained with words. If all of your love today is a drop of water, God's love is an ocean of water !!!  It is a level that once you feel it you will never forget it. You will count on it forever as he intends.

So, count on it now. You haven't felt it but you have knowledge. Every day God loves you. If you thought it was like loving of a child you have to take care of, no. It is a massive wall of love, so great it changes you, forever...