Sometimes we take stock in our life, try to measure up where we are. The absolute truth is it really isn't about possessions, for anyone. You got the house the car seems like you have it all, does it matter? No, it doesn't. It is cool but it does not measure a life. What does? Love is what does. Are there people around you who love you? Do you love people with no reward expected?

I am a man near my end, for real. What concerns me more than anything? Love. Not just having people around me that I think love me, but giving it away every chance I get. Kind of a strange thought but how many people in the world would give anything to have what you have? Millions... A man or a woman can have huge wealth but if they have, or give, no love they have nothing. When their life gets measured it was nothing, their wealth doesn't matter.  Look at Mother Teresa, now a Saint, did she have wealth or care about it, NO.  She cared about love.

Are you surrounded by love? Might not seem like it at times but you are. You have a father who makes it a priority and you have a mother who had some times but you know she does. You have a son who relies on your love and gives it back. Your husband may seem disconnected at times but ask yourself the question, if I was dying right now would you be upset, emotional, completely lost. If you can answer that question with yes you know he does. You also have a brother who is without question and you have very close friends you would die for. So, is there love there, yes of course there is.

You are a very blessed person, you just have to measure it the right way, in my opinion. Not just the right way, the REAL way, the GOD's way.

The two most important things in life, Love and Forgive every day MUST start and finish with these always as the top priority. For you it is just realizing the importance of this. You aren't next to the edge like me but there is no need to wait, you can start now. Take it from the old man who knows, for real. When I say you are a very blessed person do I mean in wealth? No, never. Are you loved, do you freely give it away, do you forgive? You are blessed...there is NO mystery there... Do the little things you want to do like hobbies matter.  Well, you shouldn’t avoid them, have fun, but you certainly can’t measure your life by them.  Like wealth they don’t matter unless they give you greater opportunities to Love and Forgive…all that does truly matter…

With massive Love, your DAD the Miracle (to one who has felt it herself)