For a good part of my young adult life I didn't want to live.  My older Brother, DONALD W. MEYER Jr. was killed by a drunk driver along with his wife to be, LISA JO CANNON.  This happened in Omaha Nebraska as he was taking LISA home.  My Father was in the U.S. Air Force and me and my older brother moved a million times.  He was the one person I really counted on when I was younger.  My Father kind of turned his back on me after my Brother's death and I was not right.  I know now I needed treatment but back then I was getting by. 

This happened my second year in the Coast Guard, I was 19 years old.  For years I didn't want to live.  I never tried to take my life, I knew it was a sin to commit suicide but I always took every risk where I thought that might be the end.  Not only in the Coast Guard but also on the motorcycle.  This went on for years and years of time.  I reached a conclusion that GOD really didn't have anything to do with our actual lives because I was still here and I shouldn't be. 

My next almost death experience, I couldn't explain why I was still here.  I should have died, literally.  After much contemplation it made me realize the reason I wasn't dying, GOD was holding me in his hands.  He was saving my life each time.  My Mother, a devout Christian, couldn't handle the death of a second and only Son left, it wasn't my time.  

Today I have no idea of the exact count.  I usually say one hundred times but I don't really know.  It was a lot, a whole lot.  Still very amazing when I think about it.

Lauren Daigle sings a song that makes me cry every time I hear it.  The reason is I remember, for real.  I should have died like a hundred times and I never did.  I remember...

On September 25  2013, I was riding one of my many motorcycles on College Road near Monkey Junction.  A car pulled into the turn lane and I was passing it in the open lane.  As I got alongside the car, it pulled into me opposite of the turn.  It hit me and killed me on the spot.  There was no way to predict this occurrence, I couldn't of avoided it.  New Hanover County Paramedics responded, even though I wasn't breathing, they got me air.  I was transported to the hospital where I stayed in a coma for a month never breathing on my own.   Without any great details my spine was gone for a large section and all of my nerves were ripped apart.  My brain was damaged, skull fractured, a lot, I was wearing a helmet.  More months in the hospital.  Months of recovery treatment after the hospital.  Still dealing with it every day, I have some chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

While I was dead in the coma I had some experiences, religious experiences.  They were profound.  My Neurologist called me a "rare human".  She knew my entire history and she said, I can look at you, you can talk to me, you can move your arms and legs, you died and you remember what happened when you did.  Now you are back with that memory.  YOU ARE VERY RARE !!! she said.

My Experience (When dead)

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